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Uncia DLP 3D printer

With the best cost-efficiency of our printer, we believe that Uncia is most suitable for families and educational institutions. Highly recommended model for jewelry and dental prototype models.

Uncia 3D printer is faster and finer than all the traditional FDM-based 3D printers on the market. We developed several photosensitive resins with the same quality standards in Europe. It can be widely used in all kinds of light-curing process, and create a series of practical value on light reaction and cross domain multiple uses.

We focus on the actual needs for global industries, trying our best to provide you value and convenience, and provide integrated and comprehensive solutions for all types of businesses, turn design into a physical in a fast, accurate way. We currently has a variety of the latest technology 3D printer supplies and sensitive research and development capabilities. Taking advantage of DLP technology, we have successfully open up the North American Market, and cooperate with many companies in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Lead Time: 5 days


uncia dlp 3d printer


It’s an upgraded Uncia DLP 3D printer.

1. Software:

We use N3D Slicer & Snapshot, and they're easy to operate. STL files and even sliced PNG images can be processed.


uncia dlp 3d printer


2. Hardware:

We use Acer projector, which is perfected by optics. It is calibrated and fully automated, with which Uncia could provide excellent stable beam and high precision with the right settings. Longer product life could be achieved too by the improvement of the system.


uncia dlp 3d printer


More advanced units:

Body made of steel ensures your printer stay away from deformation caused by bumping. And also with absolutely secured packaging, there would be no worries about any damage to the printer. Our stepping motor is now manufactured in Germany with reliable quality, which enables Uncia to have a long-running operation. With the support from a top-level manufacturer in Taiwan, we have one of the best guide rails in the world to improve printing success rate significantly. We have also added a small equipment attached to the back to ensure the safety of electricity use.


uncia dlp 3d printer


No more consumables!

To all the users of DLP 3D printers, the most nerve-wracking problem they are facing is that some parts such as belts would easily go wrong, and these consumables situation will be put to an end. Learning from the feedback of our customers and reviews of other printer users, now we have our belts produced in Italy for you to leave all such troubles behind.

Hesine prusa i3


Noticing that all printer users have all kinds of problems during their printing, including materials, assembling, debugging, etc, we now provide more friendly service to our users. Our tech group has developed, and with more talents joining in, instant and professional support will be provided for you.

Watch more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=uncia+dlp+3d+printer

uncia dlp 3d printer
uncia dlp 3d printer
uncia dlp 3d printer
uncia dlp 3d printer

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Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 102 x 77 x 170 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.1 mm
Layer Resolution 100 microns
Laser scanning speed 2s
Laser Specifications UV Light
Scanning Method Surface Scanning
Print Speed 1~4 s/layer
AC Input 50hz
Power Requirements 220v~240v
Connectivity (Interface) USB
Electronics XueBao V1.0
3D printing Software Snapshot 2.01
CAD Input data file format supported STL
Client Operating System Windows
Machine Dimensions 700 * 200 * 350 mm
Shipping box dimensions 430*270*800mm
Machine weight 18.5 Kg
Shipping box weight 21 Kg
Lead time 5 days
Shipping Location China
Manufacturer Warranty 12 Months
| 26 reviews
I heard a lot about this printer from my colleagues and decided to order it. This printer exceeded my expectations as everything about this printer is excellent especially the stepping motor which allows me to deliver best quality print outs every time. The printing speed is really good and it maintains its consistency even I am printing models in bulk or even if I am continuously using the printer for longer hours. I am so happy to own this printer and have recommended it to many of my friends too.
| 26 reviews
A good quality printer! I am happy that I ordered it. It has amazing printing speed and can print flawlessly without any disturbance. I assembled it within few hours and that also in a single go. You don’t have to be a professional to assemble the printer as the manual will help you out. The only disadvantage of having this printer is its software which is not updated and does not consist of latest features. I am planning to update the software very soon. I am satisfied with the printer as it is very economical also.
| 26 reviews
When I ordered the printer I had no idea that it requires so much of patience and time while assembling it. It took me around 8 hours to complete the assembling part and I was so exhausted by then. I had to go through the manual again and again before moving to the next step. When I finally assembled the printer I saw a huge machine with steel body in front of me which cannot be moved and consumes a lot of space too. I am not very happy with the quality of the print outs too as they are not always clear and I have to take the same print out again.
| 26 reviews
This printer is one of the most updated printers which I have ever owned. The printer features software like N3D Slicer & Snapshot which are easy to operate and can be handled without any guidance. The sturdy steel body of the printer makes this printer a reliable investment and I have owned this printer for a year and I have not faced any issues. The stepping motor of the printer is a high quality motor which allows the printer to be able to handle long-running operation and deliver the best quality print outs every time. The printer is also equipped with small equipment at its back which makes the printer safe for electricity use.
| 26 reviews
I received the printer as a gift from my boss and I was so excited to explore it. I started assembling the DIY kit and it is a tough task. I had to go through all the instructions many times before proceeding and finished the whole process in around 7 hours. The printer is an easy machine to handle if you crack the assembling part. I am able to take out good quality print outs with easy and deliver the daily print outs to my boss on time. I am very happy with the Acer projector which is adjustable and works automatically and makes my work much easier.

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