Uni Technology aiming kids to have access over Magitools

3D printing technology has been easing lives with its technological advancements. It is also been seen as a promising tool for education as it can inspire young kids. It also enables them to take 3D printing as a career option as well can become the next generation of makers, engineers and scientists. The Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Uni Technology previously known as QingDao feels that the hardware of printer has many important lessons to learn. And inorder for kids to learn these lessons they have developed a MagiTools kit. It is a kit that is safe and accessible DIY 3D printer assembly kit that is specially made for kids.

Uni Technology is one of the most widespread 3D printer manufactures across China. As known earlier QingDao has launched various 3D printing platforms from industrial machine that help in producing biomedical tools and prosthetics the low-budget printers for beginners. Their MagicCube 3D printer was launched in November 2015 as a basic educational 3D printer that could be used in primary and secondary education with an amazing exterior design.

MagiTools 3d printer kit

Promoting the educational aspect Uni Technology has recently released an educational 3D printer kit. With the added assembly element, the developers feel they can now show kids how accessible and open can hardware be. “When compared with the MagiCube 3D printer, the MagiTools 3D printer focuses more on practicing a student’s handling skills and calls for active participation. Moreover, the Magitools can cultivate students’ ability to see innovation, just like the MagiCube did,” they say.

Assembling the expensive and complex piece of machinery can be quite pressurizing, the MagiTools 3D printer kit just explains how simple and educational can the step be. In a 3D printing workshop in London, set of primary school students assembled the MagiTools kit under the guidance of their teachers. According to Jim, one of the student who finished the project first says the kit is very simple to assemble and was excited enough to build the 3D printer all by himself.

 MagiTool 3D printer developers say apart from the uncommon design the printer is strong and durable and is reliable for 3D printing. The printer is enabled with an aluminum frame and its delta structure has improved speed and precision. “Moreover, the auto leveling system of the print bed further simplifies the 3D printing process,” they argue. “Keeping the print bed level ensures prints stick to the print bed, so that prints will come out looking exactly as they should.”

MagiTools 3d printer kit

Assembling the MagiTools 3D printer might be a very inspiring experience for the kids but at the same time it enhances the childs ability to be further polished with the custom software platform that comes with the MagiTools kit. It is named as the “Happy Uni” and is especially set for children that have no making experience, on the other had the kit simplifies each step of the process for them. They say, “It is much simpler to use than other CAD platforms. With ‘Happy Uni’, it is easy for kids to build 3D models.” 

The Chinese developers are also thinking to make the 3D printing process more simple and safe for children, as parents and teachers might be more averse of leaving kids to ABS filaments heated at a temperature more than 200 degree Celsius. On the safety aspect the developers further say, “Safety and health are our two main conditions for allowing students to use a 3D printer. Their well being is also Uni’s concern.” To lessen the risk to kids the developers have decided to come up with a custom made filament that is environment friendly and made from food-grade wax. The filament is printable at just 80 degree Celsius and is completely non-toxic. Soon these 3D Printing kit from Uni Technology will soon be seen in science classes. Amazing the world with its possibilities now, 3D printing technology is also inspiring students and kids to learn the new technology.

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