UPS Store Will 3D-Print Your Stuff

22 Oct

UPS Store Will 3D-Print Your Stuff

UPS store and stratasys has strikes a deal 3dprinting service, Ups not just famous for packing ,delivering not only locally in US but internationally too, it’s now getting familiar and famous in America for bringing 3D printing service.

ups 3d printing service

It has almost 4,700 independent stores widely in US and Canada. Starting from brochures flyers to business card, it goes on with banners, posters, presentation, online printing, etc. The successive market over 3d printing enabled them to start a 3d printing service to clients and now they have expanded its 3dprinting service to 100 more stores, previously it just have 4 to 5 service centre but due to demand over 3d printing they have taken this decision of expanding its store all over the USA.

All we need to is to explain the ideas, innovation, or send our design in cad file, it doesn’t matter even if it is complex parts they are ready to deliver what we want as 3d printed object, and they will provide you the best final output knocking to your door.

Previously we have seen many 3d printers came to local stores like Microsoft accompanying with Makerbot launched 3d printer to 18 store where people can see buy printers. Even very recently Amazon set 3d printing store exclusively, soon we going to witness many stores available for selling and buying 3d printers

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UPS Store Will 3D-Print Your Stuff
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