User Friendly Smoothie 3D Software to Create 3D Models

22 Jan

User Friendly Smoothie 3D Software to Create 3D Models

Some 3d printer users prefer existing 3d models from thingiverse and Shapeways, but for many innovators and many common users want to print out the objects they have in mind, something that need to be drawn out using CAD software. For decades, there are developers using CAD software for 3d modeling and now even people who don’t even have technical knowledge have started to use these softwares after 3d printing came popular among common users. Everyone wants to prove what they are capable of with their 3d printer.

Smoothie 3d

But the real fact is that all these softwares are quite expensive and bit complicated to learn. Many developers are coming recently with new softwares now, which are inexpensive and use friendly. Recently Smoothie 3D launched a tool that will enable users to experience smooth 3d modeling process.

“One of the highest bars to entry to 3D printing is learning how to make 3D models,” states Smoothie-3D. “Aside from buying a printer and learning how to make it work, creating something of your own, worth printing, is a whole other software and skills to learn.”

In order to use the smoothie software we just need a snap of the object we would like to 3d print. They essentially follow singular components of the photo and expel the components to the wanted thickness. Once the individual parts have been made, just pivot the model and adjust whatever other elements, including diminishing peculiarities and smoothing them out to all the more nearly take after the genuine physical protest as it exists in this present reality. The application is fit for recognizing what to composition, which brings about the colors from the photo meaning the completed 3d model. Simply convert the completed 3d model into .stl or OBJ file and print the object. The features of Smoothie will make a lot easier for new users who wish to create a model on their own.

Image Source:Smoothie 3D info

Chris Joel (Author)

User Friendly Smoothie 3D Software to Create 3D Models
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