Using 3D Printed ‘Robots For Good’

16 Jan

Using 3D Printed ‘Robots For Good’

3d printing has amazed and helped many, especially to disabled people. We have seen, heard kids getting prosthetic hands, legs, even adult people replaced their nose and other parts of their body using 3d prints. We have seen enable team worked with a 3d printer to give a prosthetic hand for Charlie, who was born without hand, might be the inspiration which made Wevlover to use 3d printing technology to give something we never imagined.

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Wevolver mission is to make the creators stronger and more confident in bringing their innovations to real life. That is the reason they start this company and constructed their application to be influential, adaptable and natural. With their clean and simple to use interface, you can concentrate on investigating and building your venture. Wevolver is a rousing place that is open, wide open and social.

What actually Wevolver has been working on for disabled children are quite innovative and an awesome treat for kids. They planned to show the zoo, but not by 3d printing animals, but by joining hospitalized children to 'a human size 3d printed robot and virtual reality.' Under the project naming ‘Robots for Good’ team is developing something new and exciting as well. This Completely 3d printed robot is controlled by Arduino and the whole system is settled by modern electronic hardware. The kids have to simply wear Occulus Rift virtual reality headset through which kids have to guide the robot to view London zoo.

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‘we’re beginning the initial pilot in London, where we are currently in an accelerating stage. But we’re also talking to other hospitals and exploring a world-wide network. It’s a great way to show the whole world what happens when people are not bound by patents, but are instead collaborating to achieve something beautiful. From the moment we first revealed our plans, makers businesses and organizations were already lining up to collaborate. Pretty soon, a sick child in London will be able to visit a zoo in New York thanks to this robot!’ Richar Huslkes explained.

Collaborating with GOSH, London zoo and the largest childern’s hospital in Britain, the project is in final stage and it is ready to go, Wevolver team is planning big as they want to reach the makers and other hospitals, schools globally, insisting to get a 3d printer for printing the robot thus enabling the kids to see the world along with other children.

Image Credit:Dubit

Chris Joel (Author)

Using 3D Printed ‘Robots For Good’
Chris Joel is a writer at 3D Printers Online Store. Hailing from South London, he has a degree in English Literature. His interests include the application of 3D printing technology to art and its popularization.