Volvo Trucks Slashes Manufacturing Tool Production Time by 94%

19 Mar

Volvo Trucks Slashes Manufacturing Tool Production Time by 94%

Producing the Volvo truck engines is never easy, it’s a time consuming and need efficient and effective manufacturing tools to produce them. Volvo truck is the worlds second largest heavy-duty truck, and selling their trucks in over 140 countries worldwide. They have a wide range of truck engines available such as B36, D36, D39, D6B, D7E, and in 2010 they started to use Deutz AG developed in Germany. Volvo trucks were one among the first companies to use turbo diesel engines.

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Volvo trucks just like any other companies they were using traditional manufacturing process to produce the tool which is time-consuming and to save the time as well to increase the production and efficiency, they decided to use Stratasys Fortus 3D Production System and by using Stratasys 3d printer the time has been reduced to two days from 36 days for producing tools.

Since they bought Stratasys Fortus 3D Production System they have produced 30 different tools using ABSplus thermoplastic material in a short time of three months compared to the metal traditional manufacturing method, where they would probably completed just two tools and by this 3d printing has allowed them to produce more tools by saving 94% of the time. According to Pierre Jenny ABS thermoplastic things is – at times – as meager as $1.13 every 0.06 cubic inches (1€/cm3), contrasted with up to $113 every 0.06 cubic inches (100€/cm3) if making the same thing from metal. They are already selling 100,00 units of trucks annually and with the use of Stratasys they could produce more number of trucks available for sale.

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"We're working in the heavy-industry sector, so reliability is naturally critical. So far every piece that we have 3D printed has proved to be 100% fit-for-purpose," adds Jean-Marc Robin, Technical Manager, Volvo Trucks. "This is crucial from a practical aspect, but also instils trust among operators and quashes any traditional notion that everything has to be made from metal in order to function properly," he adds.

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The procedure helps them keep up a strategic distance from waste, which can happen in a minute ago plan changes actualized just before tools are made for the line which is never possible with metal manufacturing where they have to start the process again from the start for more than 30 days. With the help of 3d printing if they found the faulty design they can re-design immediately and print them again in a few hours using the ABSplus thermo plastic material.

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Volvo Trucks Slashes Manufacturing Tool Production Time by 94%
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