Watch company plans to release 3D printed custom watches

3D printing has offered a whole new market for customized products. Today almost all products are mass produced in lots and custom products are only available to those that are willing to pay a high price of it. This is an era where 3D printing is offering individuals and businesses to bring more personalized and customized product for regal people. Alexander Gabriel Watch Company, Inc., Florida is one of such companies that is developing its first line of 3D printed watches. The maker today is so vast and expanding with minimal time of customization Alexander Gabriel has taken the initiative to fill the time gap in customization with 3D printing.

The founder of the company Roy Trent has recently collaborated with two new partners namely XLN Technologies and the Space Coast Fablab. Space Coast Fablab is a Florida based nonprofit company that helps people through courses and project-based learning. Both the companies worked in collaboration with the engineering department at the Florida Institute of Technology to bring the 3D printed customizable watches to reality.

3D printed custom watches

Related to recent collaborations Roy Trent says, "We are happy to announce these partnerships and are very proud of our commitment to fine craftsmanship and to make these custom watches locally. We have had a good reception to our product and so far it's really resonating with people. They appreciate we are USA made and that we are not farming out the manufacturing process overseas.”

3D printed custom watches

The Trent watches are created from a collection of uniquely designed 3D printed parts and are hand assembled with reliable Swiss Mechanical Movements and a Sapphire crystal. The straps of the watch are made from ad cut leather later dyed and had stitched by Polito Custom Straps.

As far as customization is considered, the clients can order a 3D printed watch and can also choose the stitching of their leather strap, style of laser cut dial and the type of Swiss Mechanical Movement they desire to have in their watch. The packaging of the box is another more important aspect of a watch, which is also 3D printed and comes with the option of carving a name or exclusive message on the box.

3D printed custom watches

The company was established out of an urge to create an affordable, accessible and still bespoke wrist-watch. The company has brought together innovative individuals and teams to introduce the 3D printed watches in the market. The Alexander Gabriel Watch Company is yet another example of a person with a distinct vision of combining traditional techniques with modern technologies to create a unique, affordable and amazing product.

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