We need to 3ducate and not just educate the generation next

21 Feb

We need to 3ducate and not just educate the generation next

3d printing is the future of how we make, consume and transport things, however because it's a highly technical field, and the kinds of jargons associated with the printing processes it becomes extremely pain staking to explain the whole process to people. Let me tell you that there is nothing to be scared about, 3d printing is not rocket science. It’s easy to understand if you see a 3d printer in operation, however if you need to empower the world population with this disruptive technology it looks like an impossible adventure.

3d printing education

We would need the help of internet to spread the knowledge to hasten the speed of knowledge sharing. A company called 3d printing for everyone 3DP4E has come forward with an amazing series of videos to help people understand the basics of 3d printing. Their plan is to use the vast reach of Vimeo to spread the awareness about 3d printing. They call it 3Ducation.

The company uses easy to understand white board animation to explain the concepts of 3d printing. The series is developed by Noah Waldman who recently graduated as a media student. When Noah was asked to make the video, he was completely unaware about the technology. He had to learn and read about the technology to be able to explain it to people; I feel his lack of knowledge has helped him to make the series amazingly simple to follow. Sometimes experts assume that people know a few things about the technology and assume things; however that's certainly not the case in this series.

Mr. Waldman said “When I was hired by 3DP4E, I really didn’t know much about 3D Printing. But I thought it was such a neat field of technology that I began to read up about it in order to try and get a better understanding of it. Also because it was kind of my job.” Ron Rose the Founder and CEO of 3DP4E was very impressed with the video series and said “I think what Noah is creating is just brilliant! Our goal is to become a resource for people looking to get into 3D Printing, and I feel that these videos are the best way to learn the basics. They are smart, informative and just so entertaining to watch.”

Currently there are 5 Videos in the series of 3DUCATIONS, the 1st video of the series is called 3Ducation 101: What is 3D Printing walks viewers through the basics of both fused deposition manufacturing — FDM — and stereo lithography — SLA — 3D printing methods. The rest videos in the 3Ducation series, including History of 3D Printing, 3D printing by Any Other Name, What is Digital Manufacturing, and their latest, 3D Printing Materials.

We personally feel teaching 3d printing to everyone should be compulsory, and until the countries all across the globe understand this reality self learning courses like 3Ducation prove to be very effective in empowering people. We loved the use of Whiteboard animation, what do you guys think about it? Do not forget to share your views and opinions.


Image & Video Credit:3DP4E

Chris Joel (Author)

We need to 3ducate and not just educate the generation next
Chris Joel is a writer at 3D Printers Online Store. Hailing from South London, he has a degree in English Literature. His interests include the application of 3D printing technology to art and its popularization.