Why Japan May closer to Automated Construction Bots

Japan is a uniquely positioned as a country with more than 33% of its population which is over 60 years of age, its one of the developed country with smallest number of work force. Their economy has been highly stretched due to the lack of able bodied working force, so does that limit them? I guess no. They have effectively replaced human labor with Automated robots.

Japanese engineers are already testing what would be worlds only Automated construction project, this project is being built using Remotely controlled Bulldozers, concrete mixers and other construction machines, This project is rigorously monitored with AI Controlled Drones.

 Automated Construction Bots

So while the American Nasa, European Space ageny and the Russian Federal Space Agencies are planning to make manned bases on the harsh climates of Moon and Mars , they might find that Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) would be the most suited agency to supply the technology to help them build these bases.

The idea to make Habitable bases on these different lands may not be new as its being floated around since the 1st moon landing by the American Astronauts. The major problem in executing this project was that these planets had extreme climates and building these houses by men was particularly impossible. But with the advent of 3D printing and especially with the development of Construction 3d printers, the idea suddenly looks achievable.

JAXA may not have openly laid down a plan to build bases on these distant planets but their work on Automated construction bots gives us a solid hint that they may reveal their plans soon. According to an article on Nikkei Asian Review, JAXA is currently working with a Japanese construction company called Kajima and may have a fully functional automated construction systems that should allow them to build a habitable base for 4 to 6 space explorers on Moon by 2030 and on Mars by 2040.

 Automated Construction Bots

Kajima, currently has a working Automated Construction bot called A4CSEL (Automated Autonomous Advanced Accelerated Construction System for Safety, Efficiency, and Liability). This system is being used to build the dams at Japan's Fukuoka and Oita prefectures. The system works with the help of remote operators, controlling heavy machines with the help of sensors controlled by tablets. The company can work towards, creating bots which interact with each other and work without any human intervention. It sounds simple but would be a difficult task to achieve but the company is successfully working towards its goals.

Satoru Miura, principal researcher at the Kajima Technical Research Institute, told Nikkei Asian Review "If we succeed in building automated machinery, we can transfer the technology to engineering works on the ground." According to further reports the Jaxa will start further testing with this automated construction bots at an indoor testing facility by 2017.

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