Wiiboox Reeyee - 3D Object Scanner

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Wiiboox Reeyee - 3D Object Scanner

  1. Measuring accuracy:≤0.1mm
  2. The maximum measuring range of turntable automatic scanner is 200*200*200mm while for free scanner is 700*700*700mm.
  3. The sweep time of turntable automatic scanner is less than 3 minutes while for free scanner is less than 10 seconds (1 side).
  4. Dot pitch:17mm ~0.2mm
  5. Automatic and manual splicing modes are both accessible.
  6. Scanning modes: automatic turntable scanning and free scanning
  7. The scanner outputs files in STL formats for printing directly without the aid of third-party software.
  8. Resolution: 1.31 million pixels
  9. Light source: white LED
  10. Its maximum size for scanning head is 250*130*60mm and for turntable is 250*260*70mm.
  11. The whole weight is less than 4 kilograms.
  12. Monolithic measuring size under free scan mode is 200*150mm.
  13. Digital output formats: STL,ASC,OBJ
  14. Capable of colored texture canning
  15. Support system: Win7/8 64
  16. Computer hardware configuration requirements: discrete graphics; at least two USB2.0 interfaces; the device connected to a USB2.0 port; VGA cable connected to the discrete graphics; the system resolution over 1024 * 800.
Technical Specifications
Scan technology White LED Scanning
Scan Area 200*200*200mm~700*700*700mm
Scan speed <3min
Accuracy ≤0.1mm
Resolution 1.31 million pixels
Turntable drive system Stepper motor(Support Automatic and Free scanning mode)
Maximum weight on Turntable 9 kg
Exported file type STL,ASC,OBJ
Connectivity (Interface) USB2.0/3.0
Client Operating System Win7/8 64
Machine Dimensions Scanner head: 246*126*60mm Turntable: 246*260*65mm
Shipping box dimensions 630*400*180 mm
Machine weight 4 Kg
Shipping box weight 6 Kg
Lead time 1 week
Shipping Location China, USA
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
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