Wolfbite Nano adhesive solution for PLA 3D printing

12 Mar

Wolfbite Nano adhesive solution for PLA 3D printing

The gap between the nozzle tip and the print plate is crucial in taking good quality prints, moreover the plastic which flows from the nozzle should stick to the print plate and with PLA its not possible unless you are using masking or any tapes. Sometimes the tape would have damaged while taking the prints from the plate or prints would have damaged due to warpage.

Wolfbite Nano adhesive solution

To solve this simple issue Airwolf 3D has planned to launch Wolfbite Nano solution, this will enable 3d printer user to apply the solution over the surface of the glass print plate before taking prints which will help to stick the PLA in the printing plate, and once the print is ready, it will be so easy to remove the print from the plate, if necessary you can dissolve the glass print plate for a while in water to remove the print.

"We've developed an industry-changing solution that is easy to apply, low odor and compatible with most desktop 3D printers," said Erick Wolf, co-founder, Airwolf 3D. "Users will see a notable difference in the output of their 3D printed projects when using Wolfbite Nano."

Airwolf 3d along with Professor Miodrag Micic, Ph.d, who is an expert in polymer chemist has developed Wolfbite Nano solution. Wolfbite Nano is bundled in a two liquid ounce compartment and accompanies a froth brush implement.

"This is a new, environmentally friendly solution for resolving the acute problem of PLA- based 3D printing, part adhesion and warpage. The solution is based on a combination of green chemistry and nanotechnology to create the best possible adhesion using compounds which are generally regarded as safe," said Micic.

The demonstration of the Wolfbite Nano solution is going to held at the CUE Conference 2015 in California and it is available for presale at the price of $19.99 in Airwolf 3d website.

Image & Video Credit:Airwolf 3D

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Wolfbite Nano adhesive solution for PLA 3D printing
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