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World’s First 3D Printed Air Conditioner from Haier

15 Mar

World’s First 3D Printed Air Conditioner from Haier

Appliance & Electronics World Expo 2015 (AWE 2015) at Hall W1-W5 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) held between March 11-14, 2015. The Association's principle reason for existing is to energize the advancement of the family unit electrical apparatuses industry, to serve undertakings and to secure the lawful rights and investments of its individuals.

AWE 2015

CHEAA is made up of companies,which produce home electronic appliances and related products. One such industry of consumer electronics and home appliance, Haier group revealed what they call it as first 3d printed air conditioner. It attracted many visitors to have a look into it, had quick chats about its functions, features while one on-site visitor turned into a customer when he bought the 3d printed air conditioner for $6395.

Worlds first 3d printed air conditioner

To make the air conditioner special and unique the Haier group added their high quality ‘Haier Smart Ecosystem’. The air conditioner is fully made up of 3d printed parts with a combination of white and blue color filaments, and even LCD is 3d printed as well. The highlight of this AC is customizable, and can be created according to the customer requirements.

3d printed air conditioner

“Each piece of the unit is produced on demand, seamlessly linking users’ requirements and actual manufacturing,” Haier explains. “Building the object layer by layer, 3D printing allows unprecedented user customizaton. Every user can parametrically adjust their own model, depending on his/her taste and requirements. Each model is a unique piece."

3d printed air conditioner

3d printing is an amazing technology that not just helping manufacturers, but also end user. 3d printing enables anyone to do wonders as it is user friendly and open source even once can make a 3d printer on their own if a person has the source of raw materials. Haier 3d printed air conditioner will enable users to choose the size, functions, features, and its whole structures according to Haier, and they have planned to produce in mass for sale in mere future.

Image Credit:Haier group

Chris Joel (Author)

World’s First 3D Printed Air Conditioner from Haier
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