Worlds First Cloth 3d Printer launched on Kickstarter

20 May

Worlds First Cloth 3d Printer launched on Kickstarter

It’s the year 2020, I am getting ready for a board meeting of my company and I realize I have forgotten to get pack my shirt. I am in a soup as I do not have time to go and buy a shirt, then I remember that we have a 3d printer in the office that can print clothes. I send the command to the printer to print a custom made shirt for me and by the time I reach the office, my shirt is ready. Sounds like a scene from Steven Spielberg’s Sci Fi movie, doesn’t it? Wellit’s actually not a fiction story. If things go well for a company called Electroloom, we could see a cloth 3d printer available for purchase in less than a year’s time.

3dprinted dress electroloom?

Electroloom has launched a kickstrater campaign to make what’s being touted to be the world’s first 3d fabric printer. Their Electroloom Developer Kit proposes to revolutionalise the way we make and wear clothes. Electroloom tried to explain their printer on their Kickstarter page it said :“Behind the scenes, our technology reduces the traditional textile manufacturing process into a single step. Instead of sending raw material through factories where it undergoes numerous processing steps to create a traditional textile, we are able to directly convert raw material to finished good.”

3dprinted dress electroloom?

The Cloth printer needs a mold to print the cloths on it, so if you put a mold of a skirt inside the printer. A unique liquid solution is sprayed over the mold, the electric field inside the printer creates a layered nano-fiber structure which eventually takes the shape of the mold. The end result is a finished skirt.


The Electroloom Developer Kit comes with a few custom made Molds of a skirt, T Shirt, and children wear. However the company has informed that anyone can customize these molds on softwares like Adobe Illustrator and use it with their printers.

The company claims that the liquid fabric solution it supplies with the printer is Cotton/Polyester and is compatible with the stock molds. Their next aim is to develop different kind of Fabric solutions like Silk Blend and Acrylic Blend that work with all kind of custom made molds.

3dprinted dress electroloom?

Electroloom Developer Kit technical Specifications:

Total dimensions: 1000mm x 1080mm x 620mm
Interior chamber: 900mm x 900mm x 600mm
Maximum mold size: 800mm x 900mm
Voltage range: 2-19kV ( Less than 500 microamps)
Computer connection: USB

The Electroloom Developer Kit is available for 4500$ for the 1st 10 backers. Electroloom plans to raise 50000$ from the crowdsourcing community out of which $31000 is already promised. We are very excited to follow the progress of the Cloth 3d Printer and wish all the luck to Electoloom.


Image Credit:Electroloom

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Worlds First Cloth 3d Printer launched on Kickstarter
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